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The Application serves for performing of various Transformations of a Discrete Point Sequence. It is able to do affine transforms like shift, shear, scale, rotation. Various types of noise elimination (moving averages, polynomial approximation). Fast Fourier Transform. Derivation, integration. User defined functional transformation. Interpolation by cubic spline. Handling with arbitrary dimension. And it even has specialized procedures for sequences from real measurements.

transformation done ;)


If you want to download this Application continue to download section. There is available actual version and history of updates.



This is the platform-independent Java application. If you want to use this application the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) must be installed on your platform. The original JRE is made by the corporation Oracle and can be downloaded from the page It is neccessary to have the JAR files associated with the JRE. If not, application cannot be simply executed (see part Execution from Command Line).


  1. Download ZIP file
  2. Unpack it anywhere you want with respect to the internal directories
  3. Be sure you have installed JRE, see part System
  4. Execute application file applicationFileName.jar.

Execution from Command Line

It is possible to execute the application from the System Command Line (see Command Prompt or Command Line). Open it, go to the application directory and type: java -jar applicationFileName.jar. Command line allows you to control application execution and it is the place where possible exceptions will be shown.

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